How do they DO it?

You may be wondering, are there any species, anywhere in the entire world, that naturally have three legs? And the simple answer is NO, there are no known species that are naturally born having and using only three legs — other than mutants. 😛

Kangaroos and their kin do practice a form of tripedalism, in that they often use their tail as a “third leg”, not just leaning on it like a chair, but actually using it to help propel themselves forward! This short video explains how they do it:

There is also an animal called a tripod fish that has three elongated fins that allow it to “stand” on the bottom of the ocean on “3 legs”:

Of course MOST of the animals we see that have only 3 legs are pet dogs and cats that have had one leg amputated, often saving their lives. You’ve probably seen pictures or videos of some of these, and you probably already know how well they adapt to the situation. So many owners of these special animals exclaim, “He keeps up with everybody else just fine!”

Click some of the links below to find out more, and visit this Tumblr blog to see pics of these “furry little tripeds” — including a goat, a squirrel and a raccoon — and even a fox and a tiger!

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** A special thanks to photographer Kurt Bauschardt on Flickr for the picture below, simply named “Soldier”:



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