This Kindle book by Bryan Allain contains helpful tips and tricks for bloggers of any persuasion, writing about any topic. The author helps blog writers determine their mission statement by breaking it down into three elements: content, audience, and perspective. He then provides ideas for creating content, followed by several pointers for promoting your blog and getting more traffic. At both ends of this brief e-book, Bryan Allain helps bloggers determine what blogging success looks like, and how to know when you’ve reached it.

Each of the short chapters in 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo follows a simple pattern. First there are insights and instructions, followed by “Today’s Mojo Action” prompts, and finally a short humorous note just for fun. The author is a comedian and event host and has a blog of his own which is part of his main website which also features an ongoing podcast — the SchnozCast.

bryan allain blogging mojo kindle book bloggers hints tips review

Overall, I found this book to be worth the price (under $5 USD), although I must admit to not always “getting” the author’s humor. Perhaps the best thing I took away from this helpful Kindle book is some valuable self-insight via my own personal writings in response to several of this book’s prompts (the “Today’s Mojo Action” sections). The best coaches and advisors ask the best questions, getting you to examine a part of yourself in detail and thus giving you tools to improve yourself, and Bryan Allain has succeeded in doing that with several of his “mojo actions”.

If you are blogger who can appreciate a dose of humor along with some fresh insights and tips, I can sincerely recommend 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain.


NOTE: I am not affiliated with Bryan Allain, and this book review is based solely on merit.