Nature affords us many opportunities for practicing perspective.
If you prefer to use man-made objects for this prompt, that is great as well! 🙂


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Photography Prompt
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Take a series of three or more photographs, each capturing the same wild plants (or other objects) from a different perspective. Notice what a difference the change of angle, zoom, or context creates. It would be helpful to make quick sketches based on your photographs, to note how shapes and details seem to change from perspective to perspective. This type of “study” of a singular object can aid the artist in learning valuable lessons for future use!
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Picture #1: Wildflowers from Above
Note the generic look to this indistinct spread — is this one plant or several? Either way, no single bloom has much “character” and the whole thing appears rather “flat”.

wildflowers from above Sisyrinchium blue eyed grass yard lawn native species texas purple and yellow


Picture #2: Wildflowers from Beside
Ah! Now we can see the growth form of this clump of wildflowers. We have other greenery to give us a bit of an idea of size and spread. But still, there is not much “character” to any individual blossoms.

clump of blue eyed grass Sisyrinchium species yard lawn wildflowers texas april purple yellow


Picture #3: Among the Wildflowers
By placing the camera right into the clump of flowers, we get a chance to see each blossom as a distinct character in the group. Each seems to have its own tilt — its own little perspective, if you will. We also get a chance to see details of the “eyes” of these flowers — the bright yellow centers reveal their intricacy at this zoom level.

blue eyed grass Sisyrinchium texas backyard plants wildflowers texas groundcover

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The wildflowers in this post are blue-eyed grass, Sisyrinchium species. There are several similar species in this genus, difficult to tell apart. These were growing in my back yard, in Texas in mid-April.

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