Where would we be without these inventions?


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I have been watching a very enlightening Great Courses series called “Understanding Greek and Roman Technology: From Catapult to the Pantheon” given by the highly entertaining and lighthearted professor, Stephen Ressler, Ph.D. While this course focuses mainly on the structural engineering of the ancient Greeks, it is the BEST source of information on the topic that I can recommend.


Here’s a list of a few things the Greeks invented, which you will recognize:


And here’s a good video introduction to 25 different Ancient Greek inventions that we still use today:

I encourage you to subscribe to this YouTube channel — list25 — educational, but brief and entertaining! :O>


Here’s some other interesting resources on this topic:
Wikipedia: Ancient Greek technology
10 Ancient Greek Inventions…
Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Green Technology
Hellenica World: Ancient Greek Technology
Hellenica World: Ancient Greek Military Technology
Ancient Greece: Science & Technology



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