ARKive is easily one of the BEST nature websites!

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I’ve watched this site grow over the years, from a fledgling site with dozens of species of animals, into a full-grown, impressive digital database of plant and animal species along with other resources like information on various regions and habitats.

Here is an invitation to explore some of the most popular species

arkive species animals popular fun nature website explore learn video pictures wildlife

If you want to watch a video or view photos of a given species, or see what plants and animals are either related to it or live near it, this is the site to explore!

Here is a glimpse of one of thousands of species portrayed on Wildscreen Arkive:

greater prairie chicken species account on arkive

I highly recommend browsing this wonderful wildlife site, whether you are a biology student or just a curious nature lover!

I am not affiliated with ARKive, and do not receive anything for this post — I just want to share one of my all-time favorite sites. 😀