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You are probably familiar with some of BBC’s Nature series:
Planet Earth,   Life of Birds,   Life of Mammals,   Blue Planet,   In Cold Blood,   Life,   Africa,   Wild China, …


While many people (like myself) do own DVD or streaming media collections of these series, few realize that most have companion books that extend and enhance their value.
How AWESOME it is to watch some of these videos, then browse the book to see still shots and descriptive text, reinforcing what you’ve just learned as well as enhancing your pleasure at seeing such wonders of the natural world!

To view the episodes list & description of any one of these series
— and to go right to the “On Demand” streaming videos of each —
click their names above.

To see the current availability and prices of DVD/BluRay videos and books for each series, click below.
Planet Earth Video   —   Planet Earth Book   |–|   Life of Birds Video   —   Life of Birds Book

Life of Mammals Video   —   Life of Mammals Book   |–|   Blue Planet Video   —   Blue Planet Book

Life in Cold Blood Video   —   Life in Cold Blood Book   |–|   LIFE Video   —   LIFE Book

Africa Video   —   Africa Book   |–|   Wild China Video   —   Wild China Book


There is also a surprising, FASCINATING series by BBC called Human Planet and one on invertebrates called Life in the Undergrowth:

Human Planet Video   — Human Planet Book   |–|   Life in the Undergrowth Video   —   Life in the Undergrowth Book


Finally, I’d like to recommend a few other BBC Earth series: 😀
Wild Alaska,   Wild Brazil,   Wild Arabia,   Wild South America,   South Pacific
Hidden Kingdoms,   Madagascar,   Great Natural Wonders,   The Hunt,   Yellowstone
Atlas of the Natural World,   Living Planet,   Life in the Freezer,   Wildlife Specials

If you’d like to view video clips from some of these series on YouTube, I recommend BBC Earth’s Channel!


— I am not affiliated with BBC and have received no compensation for this post — I just sincerely enjoy spreading the word about awesome and helpful resources! —



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