I bet you don’t have as many “issues” as this author had…!

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One day I was browsing the shelves at my “home away from home” the Grapevine Library, and I saw this blue book entitled “Beyond Blue“. The author looked friendly enough (on the cover), so I started reading the introductory pages. Right away, I was impressed with the candid openness this woman used.

Without beating herself down or even making excuses, author Therese Borchard manages to admit to being nearly every negative label in the book: manic-depressive, alcoholic, codependent, people-pleaser, obsessive-compulsive, sugar addict, caffeine junkie, workaholic… and MORE! I thought to myself, “Wow! This lady has major balls to admit to all these things in such a public way — I think I like her already!” I also thought, “Wow! This makes my problems seem more manageable.” I believe it is the latter effect that Therese is striving for.

The book follows a basic pattern of a longer, more narrative-style chapter followed by a shorter chapter (“Sanity Breaks“) with more of an instructional character. Each pair focuses mainly on a particular issue such as depression, alcoholism, or medication. As you read, you really get a sense of just how much this author has struggled and fought her way through these obviously physiology-based problems.


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Therese Borchard’s blog


Therese also offers help through two websites, shown above and below. Her blog features articles on seven different topics: mental health, depression, inspiration, relationships, wellness, anxiety, and therapy. Therese also hosts Project Hope & Beyond which is “an online community for persons with unrelenting depression and anxiety, as well as their families and friends who want to better understand them.”
Truly God has used this strong woman to not only build her own strength through her trials, but also to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. Thanks, Therese! 😀


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Project Hope & Beyond


— I am not affiliated in any way with Therese or with Project Hope… I just sincerely enjoy spreading the word about awesome people and helpful resources! —