Attention all birders! Have a few spare minutes on lunch break? Want to tune your ear to local bird sounds? eNature has the perfect idea to build your skill with bird calls in a format that takes only a few minutes per game.

eNature birdcall challenge birders birds sounds songs local online game

Start by typing in your own zipcode or one to which you may be traveling soon. Choose whether you wish to hear all types of birds (including water fowl and birds of prey), or just songbirds (“backyard birds”). Click START and you will see something like the following:

free online bird calls game from eNature birdcall challenge fun stuff for birders

You are presented with an audio file of a bird call and pictures/names of three different birds. Choose which you think matches the audio file, and submit your answer. The game will tell you whether you were correct or incorrect, what was the correct answer, and give you an option to listen to the audio again, so that you may look at the bird’s picture and name and mentally link that with what you are hearing.

The game keeps track of how many matches you get correct out of a possible 5. After you have completed the random set of 5 bird calls, you will have a choice to play again (all birds or songbirds) in the same region, or start over with a new zipcode. There is also a link to eNature’s main Bird Audio section, which features over 550 North American bird songs and calls, divided into 14 different types (such as owls, duck-like birds, and perching birds).

enature game bird calls songs sounds birdcall challenge fun stuff for animal nature lovers birders

Click the pic above or Click Here to play eNature’s BirdCall Challenge!
Build your birding ear using eNature’s main Bird Audio section.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with eNature and do not receive compensation for this post — this is just a fun educational tool that I enjoy sharing with you. :o>

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