History eBooks: often short, often 99 cents!

If you have any interest in history, be it a certain city, a particular era, or the whole scope and sequence of world history, then you may find just what you are looking for in the selection of books published by Charles River Editors.

Every once in a while, I get on what I call a “history kick” — but it never lasts long enough for a slow reader like myself to even THINK about “committing myself” to one of the many awesome but lengthy, 300+ page volumes (often 600+ pages!) available on whatever specific time or place in history that has caught my interest THIS time, lol.
So when I came across Charles River Editors and their host of eBooks that are often under 80 pages long — and often only 99 cents (regular only $2.99!) — I was delighted! 😀
Many of these mini-tomes also include Audible narration for an additional $1.99 USD, making them flexible enough to be read, listened to, or a combination of both!
These bite-size histories are just PERFECT for me — and I hope they will appeal to some of you as well. 😀



Besides all the deals you can find on Amazon, the Charles River Editors Facebook page advertises many of their sales and giveaways as well, along with information on new releases.


I like how this company defines their mission: “Charles River Editors is a digital publishing company that creates compelling, educational content. In addition to publishing original titles, we help clients create traditional and media-enhanced books.
This statement made me see this company as more of a PROJECT than simply a publisher. That, along with the low prices they make their short and accessible history eBooks available for, inspired me to include them in my collection of “Awesome Projects“! 😀

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— I have no affiliation with this publisher — I just enjoy encouraging learning, and sharing awesome resources — :O>



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