An illustrator and painter turned jewelry artist

Chris Wrinn was (and still is) a successful illustrator, comic artist, and painter. In 2008, she discovered wire wrapping and began an adventurous journey into the delightfully creative kingdom of jewelry art. Check out this sneak peek at Chris’s work, a screenshot from her blog (and click it to visit her blog!):

Here’s a pic and the beginning of an interview with Chris Wrinn, from Fire Mountain Gems (click to visit):


Being so prolific in TWO art media at once requires TWO Etsy stores!
Click either of these, to visit Chris Wrinn’s Etsy store duo:


I think you’ll agree, Chris Wrinn is a multi-talented artist!

Here are some more ways to connect with Chris online:
Chris Wrinn Design   |   Gilded Owl Jewelry
Chris Wrinn’s blog: A New Day!
Etsy: Gallery Musings   |   Gilded Owl Musings
Facebook: Chris Wrinn   |   Gilded Owl Jewelry
Artfire: Gilded Owl Jewelry
Chris Wrinn on Fervous
Chris Wrinn on Twitter
Chris Wrinn on Pinterest
Chris Wrinn on Instagram
Chris Wrinn on Google+
Fire Mountain Gems interview

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