The people of The Covenant Church in Cheboygan, Michigan were asked to collect driftwood and stones…

And together they created this beautiful work of art, always a reminder of their Savior’s presence in their lives, wherever they may roam (as they were asked to collect the items “while walking and praying over the summer”).

What an awesome idea, and what a stunning display! Just look at the size of this thing, as it is being built…

wood cross form art project covenant church michigan   covenant church in cheyboygan michigan building the driftwood cross

You can click the pics above to view larger, but definitely click this one to see the finished result:
beautiful work of art created by the covenant church in cheboygan michigan driftwood cross art project

And if you like what you see, drop by the Covenant Church blog and give them a little encouraging feedback!

This post is based completely on merit alone and I have no affiliation with this church, although I did used to live in Michigan and I actually DO know where Cheboygan (Sheh-BOY-gan) is. 😀