This was one of my first 20 games I ever made, back in 2005 (my first 12 were made in 2004). The printable PDF features everything you need to play the game except something to use as space markers. However, you can use torn paper, pennies, legos, beans, or tokens — whatever you have on hand that you can make sure small children will not EAT. If you are worried they WILL eat the markers, make them edible and add extra fun to game time! In fact, if you use MnMs or Skittles, you could talk about the colors of those as well! 😀

Players choose a playing board and gather a pile of small markers (see above). Players then take turns picking a calling card and naming both the color and shape represented on the card, such as -red circle- or -pink diamond-. Every player who has that color and shape combination on their board may cover the square with a marker, and the first player to cover 5 squares in a row wins the game. Special rainbow-colored shapes in the center of each board make play more interesting, and additional shapes cards are provided for extension activities.


    The printable PDF includes:

  • 12 different playing boards
  • Deck of 60 calling cards
  • BONUS page of shapes cards for extension activities
  • Full instructions
  • Ideas for extension activities
  • Printing & storage tips


Sample pages from this printable game: Click to enter slideshow to view larger.


You can purchase this printable PDF game from TeachersPayTeachers for only $2.25 USD!


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