Put small words together to make big words!

compound words activity set printables kindergarten first grade fun cards

Here is a colorful little activity set I made a few years ago, 54 simple word cards to combine to make new, bigger, compound words!

mail + man = mailman
butter + fly = butterfly
foot + print = footprint
basket + ball = basketball
sea + horse = seahorse
bed + room = bedroom
jelly + fish = jellyfish
tooth + brush = toothbrush

How many words can you make?

word cards for kids compound vocabulary fun game activity set   CompoundWords3

This set also includes a special page to record the words you make:


The printable activity set, Compound Words, made by yours truly, is available for purchase at TeachersPayTeachers for about $2 USD. From that site, it is easy to download the file and save it to print at your leisure. You could be using this new little activity set with your students, children, or grandchildren within an hour! Take a little time to laminate the cards before you cut them out, or cover them with clear contact paper, and you will have a play set that will last for years.

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