Underground opal mining town in the Outback!


It’s hard to determine which is most awesome about Coober Pedy: its beautiful opals or its underground stores, churches, hotels, and homes!


Coober Pedy is called by outsiders “the opal capital of the world” but by local aborigines “kupa-piti” meaning “boys’ waterhole”… or as in another translation, “the white man’s hole”. LOL
Visitors come from all over the world to see both marvels of this unique town: its stunning opals and its “dugouts”.


How’d you like to shop in that underground store?
From the outside, these “dugouts” built to beat the heat are not quite as obvious:

And the town perhaps does not look all THAT much different from other desert towns — perhaps until you drive down its streets and see for yourself that so many of its venues are built right into the landscape, like those above.


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