Check out these COOL weather sites! 😀

Meteo Earth is a fun place to start any exploration into the Earth’s weather! You can zoom in or out on the real-time globe, play through the next couple days, and toggle on or off six different global overlays: temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind, tropical storm, and pressure.



VentuSky provides another real-time look at weather around the world. It is a flat map, but you can zoom out to see the entire world at once… or zoom in on one particular area. You can also adjust things like wind animation speed and what is shown wherever the mouse hovers (current temperature, pressure, wind speed, etc). This site also shows a few things not present on Meteo Earth, such as snow cover, wave height, humidity, and thunderstorms.


NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory offers images, articles, maps, and other informative resources for the weather-curious.


Weather around the world

Weather Around the World is a section on Time And Date. Scroll down the page to see current time and weather in a few hundred different cities around the world! Click any city name to see details including a map of the city’s location, averages, current weather conditions, and upcoming forecasts for the next two weeks! There is also a weather terms glossary on the site.


Weather for Kids

Weather for Kids might be just what you need for elementary learners. Information is brief and there are links to more resources on some of the topics.

More weather-related sites:
Meteorology on Wikipedia
The Weather Channel
Open Weather (worldwide weather)
Climate & Weather (learning resources)
Weather Science Activities
Classroom Weather Activities
Space Weather Center
Weather Crafts & Activities
Tree House Weather Kids
Science Kids Weather Facts
Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids
Extreme Weather on CNN
Weather Science Content for Kids and Teens
Weather Whiz Kids
Weather & Environment sites for kids

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