Just a simple little photography challenge…


If you are even the most casual of photographers, you have certainly experimented with cropping. Even in the early days (1990’s era) when I got my 35mm pictures developed at the local grocery store, I cut many of them up before adding them to my family photo albums. Since then, I have evolved into a 200+ pictures in one nature walk kind of girl, clicking and later cropping to my little heart’s desire.

And I’ve noticed how cropping can make a REAL difference in the finished “look” and “feel” of an image. Have you?

Click one of the pics below to enter a little slideshow. There is one “original” picture and four cropped pictures. All come from the same image, taken on a nature walk on a mid-April day.

Notice how the focus, and even the mood of the picture changes from picture to picture.
[Be sure to click the little X in the top left corner of the slideshow to come back to this page.]

The flowers are blue-eyed grass, Sisyrinchium species, with blossoms about 1 inch across. They look lovely in the front border of wildflower gardens, or strewn in amongst rocks like this one.

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Photography Art Prompt
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Have you experimented much with cropping? Why not take some fresh shots and do some radical cropping, completely changing the focus of your original image — or even better, zoom in or out on a particular aspect of a scene, taking multiple photos instead of cropping a single one! If you like what you get, feel free to post a link to your set on Flickr or your own website, in the comments section below — I’d love to see them! 😀
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