This is one of my original dozen early math games. I made it back in 2004 on my laptop computer, sitting in the corner of the kitchen at the table where my young family ate and did our homeschool work. I still remember my delight over the cute little boy and girl cubes I had created, and how I had transformed them into rows and blocks using the “new” copy-and-paste technique I had just recently learned, lol. At that time, I thought I would have to make all my graphics by hand, or else not be able to sell my little printable creations. Alas, I had much to learn… 😀

This little printable packet can be played as a game (instructions included, along with tips for printing and storing and reinforcing cards to make them durable)…
OR it can be set out as an independent math center. Extra activity ideas are also included.

The file includes a deck of printable cards each showing a number of ones cubes, tens rows, or hundreds blocks.
There is a simple recording sheet to write down the number created using your ones, tens, and hundreds cards.
Younger children can just be given ones and tens cards, to start.


Here are most of the pages from the Cube Friends printable PDF:


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