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Curiosity Stream is an amazing new documentaries website with an ever-growing list of clips and full-length videos in these topic areas:

  • Science: [biology, earth, genetics, medicine, mind, nature, physics, space]
  • Technology: [artificial intelligence, communication, energy, engineering, nanotechnology, privacy & security, social web, transportation]
  • Civilization: [business, conflict, democracy, economics, entrepreneurship, history, politics, society]
  • Human Spirit: [art, character & values, creativity, dramatic & performing arts, health & wellness, literature, music, philosophy]

Curiosity Stream is ALMOST free: just $3/month! Check out some screenshots below to see what’s available for this low, low price.


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I have no affiliation with Curiosity Stream or any part of its company. This is just a resource that I personally use, considering it as a great deal and an awesome resource worth sharing! 😀