Oh, you like the picture?

dog bath sink pomeranian wet rat deer critter

You want to know more about the skinny deer-rat-dog-thing in my sink?
Haha! that is my little Pomeranian buddy, Rusty.
Here’s another pic of him, after he is dry and his species more recognizable:

pomeranian cute lap looking face dry

Now, you ready for a creative activity prompt?

— — — —
— — — —
You could label my pair of photos “Wet and Dry”.
Take your camera around your home or your world, and look for more opposite pairs.
Can YOU find and capture Wet and Dry?
How about New and Outdated? Plain and Fancy? Wicked and Angelic?
— — — —

— — — —
— — — —
Not into picture-taking? That’s fine. How about looking at the pictures I’ve posted here, and imagining these are two different dogs — one pampered and rich, the other a pauper’s pet. Write side-by-side faux journal entries by each precious pooch, describing their experience. Tell about their homes, their owners, their daily routines, or just their bath. Don’t forget to give each one a unique name that fits the pic!
— — — —
Like a little more fantasy in your fiction? How about embellishing the first (wet) pic with some more species-defying characteristics, and create your own creature? Where does this strange being originally come from? WHY is it in a human’s kitchen sink? What is the human DOING to it? And most importantly, what can it REALLY do with those scrawny deer-like little legs? [Beware!]
— — — —


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