Wow! Sometimes the weather can add such a fresh perspective to everyday sights and symbols! Check out these disappearing buildings in downtown Dallas in early January!

photography prompt dallas fog january downtown

It was 9am and about 46 degrees outside. Obviously, the humidity was far above what us Texans are used to on a typical day. Still, I seemed to be the only one to actively notice the beauty and mystery of the disappearing buildings — until I commented to curious passersby while I was snapping one of these shots: “The fog is so cool!” Surprisingly, all four city folk heartily agreed with my simplistic, gleeful appraisal!

fog downton dallas texas january wet disappearing buildings

Don’tcha just love how you cannot even tell how high these structures go — especially in the first pic?!

fog disappearing buildings downtown dallas texas fog january

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Photography Prompt
— — — —
You don’t always have to have fog to take “disappearing” pictures. If the weather does not cooperate, use the horizon and the limits of human visual perception to your advantage. Lay on the ground and take a picture either parallel along the ground or aiming ever so slightly upward. Take pics with the camera a few inches off the ground — again either level or (this time) aiming slightly downward. Include items in the foreground, but also try to capture some interesting background. Paths and roads are exceptionally good studies for a “disappearing” perspective.
— — — —

perspective photography challenge prompt ground level path disappearing yellow flowers foreground

Above is the first picture I ever took using this “near the ground” perspective. It quickly became one of my favorites! :O>

path trees forest texas photography mystery challenge prompt artfuls

Disappearing path — where does it go? It just kinda calls to me to explore and find out…



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