Troglodytidae = The Wren Family


Most wrens are small brownish birds with barring on tail and wings. Male and female wrens typically look alike. Even the juvenile wrens look just like their parents, just a tad bit smaller.


Wrens spend most of their time foraging for insects on vegetation that is rather close to the ground. I often find wrens among a woodpile on my front porch, thoroughly investigating each log and branch. They do not seem to mind me watching them, and it is delightful to see them hopping about, pumping those almost perpendicular tails.

I also see whole families of wrens at my suet feeder, only recognizing the fledglings by their slightly smaller size and the way they at first watch, then mimic the parent birds.

All but one of the eighty species of wrens live in the Americas. However, the Eurasian wren is common and rather popular with European birdwatchers. This is partly due to the melodic song of most wrens, wherever in the world they are found.




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