Here is a fun and FREE printable health calendar!

free printable fitness health calendar stickers weekly days goals exercise workouts motivation healthy eating

Could you use a little motivation to eat healthier and exercise more?

I have created this FREE set of printables, designed to be used as 2-page spreads in a regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder.
Put the first page (Monday through Thursday) on the left and the second page facing it, so that you open to an entire week and watch your progress.

Here’s what those two pages look like:
— click to view larger —

FitnessWeekly1   FitnessWeekly2

As you can see, there are spaces for you to write in the week number and dates, your starting or ending weight and measurements, two weekly goals, and your end of the week assessment.

There are progress bars for your healthy meals, cardio exercise, and other exercise, as well as for each of the two weekly goals mentioned above.
I use a marker to color each section as I make progress, giving me an ever-growing visual reminder of my goals and accomplishments.

There is also a handy weight and measurement chart as a bonus third page in the Fitness Weekly calendar chart file (see below for link).


And now comes the fun part!
There are STICKERS to fit those 9 boxes on each calendar day!
Of course, if you are not motivated by adding a stickable validation, you can use the spaces for whatever you like.

The big space is for a motivational or reward sticker of the day, and the smaller eight spaces are for rewarding and keeping track of healthy meals and snacks, along with workouts by type.
See the samples below, then click the links to open your own sets!

FitnessWeeklyStLg1   FitnessWeeklyStSm1b   FitnessWeeklyStSm3b

Open these FREE printable PDF files from these links:
Fitness Weekly charts (for printing on regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch copy paper)
Fitness Weekly Big Stickers (for printing on Avery 48860 sticker sheets)
Fitness Weekly Small Stickers (for printing on Avery 8167 or 5267 sticker sheets)


If you enjoy this FREEBIE, please be sure to pay it forward by sharing this page with others, so that they may come here to get their own copies. Thanks! 😀



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