Is it your experience that freckles are a defect?

When I was growing up, I always thought the kids with freckles were special, somehow cuter, more endearing. I always wished I had freckles. In fact, my daughter was very proud herself when she detected almost imperceptible freckles on her own face, in high school.

Yet it is common for women to attempt to cover up their freckles with makeup. And according to some, freckles in childhood can gain you many hours of teasing, even bullying.

Photographer Brock Elbank has set out to show the beauty of freckles, in his series on the subject. Some of my favorites of his beautiful people portraits are below. Click the other links for more pics and an article on Mr. Elbank’s freckles series featured on



Mr. Elbank has also done a stunning series on beards:


Mr. Elbank on Tumblr
Mr. Elbank on Instagram’s article on the freckle series by Brock Elbank


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