Introducing the first book in the new Kindle book series, No Wrong Art!

If you like mixed media art and that awesome distressed layered look, you will love making and using your own gelli gel printing plate, used mainly with acrylic paints.

The first book in the No Wrong Art series will teach you how to make your own gel plate, and various techniques for getting the effects you desire. It also includes a gelli plate making troubleshooting guide, along with ideas for incorporating your favorite scent and even some glitter to your homemade gel plate! You could make your own and give them as special, unique gifts to your mixed media artist friends — or host your own gelli printing party!

As promised on the Gelli Fun page on, here are full-size pictures from the book!
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Each picture above is explained in detail in the eBook Gelli Fun, available through for under $5 USD! Find out how each was made, and get a whole lot more ideas of materials to use for adding textures and other layer features, using your homemade gel plate, or a commercially produced Gelli gel printing plate.


I originally planned to continue building the No Wrong Art series until there were at least a couple dozen titles. Alas, I have instead been building a dozen different websites while healing from childhood trauma. 😥

In mid-2016 when I lost my Tiny Friend and launched an art career, I turned No Wrong Art into its own unique website with step-by-step slideshows of how I created each artwork. Check it out! :O>

See Book 2: Gelli Fun for Kids!

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