I need help RIGHT NOW!


I can’t wait another minute! I really need some help RIGHT NOW!

If you need help RIGHT NOW, here are some resources to help
I need help RIGHT NOW! I need someone to talk to before I lose it!

I NEED someone to talk to, some kind of HELP
before I go over the edge!


~ Does this sound like YOU?
Is this similar to how you are feeling? ~

Help IS available. Would you rather talk to someone on the phone, or text, or chat online?
If you live somewhere besides the USA, Click Here for options.

Phone (Talk) Options:
Call 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or 775-784-8090 for the Crisis Call Center.

Or call Boys Town at 1-800-448-3000.

Texting Options:
Simply text “START” or “GO” to 741-741, which is the Crisis Text Line.

Or text “ANSWER” to 839-863, which is the Crisis Call Center.

Online Chat Options:
Visit Lifeline Crisis Chat — follow the instructions to get started.

Visit the Hope Line, IMAlive! at hopeline.com and click “Chat Now” (not always available).



Get a FREE printable PDF of cards to hand out with this URL,
to give to anyone you meet who might need HELP!

(They are regular business card size, to tuck into your wallet.)

Email Option:

If you don’t actually need an immediate reply but would like to share your story and get some feedback and encouragement (usually within 24 hours), you may use the contact form below. I am only one single person (actually, I am Many), so I am quite limited, but I have been through some of the worst stuff imaginable including child prostitution, rape, torture, homelessness, and even ritual abuse. So at the very least, I may be able to sympathize with how you’re feeling, and hopefully give you some words of insight and encouragement.