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From caring for a potted plant to growing the food you eat, there is an abundance of online resources to help you refine & supply your green thumb.

General Gardening Sites
Garden Guides   |   Dave’s Garden   |   Mother Earth News   |   Better Homes & Gardens   |   Horticulture Mag   |   Garden Design
Royal Horticultural Society (UK)   |   Herb Expert   |   Weekend Gardener   |   Learn 2 Grow   |   Fine Gardening   |   Birds & Blooms

Extensions & Organizations
eXtension   |   TexasA&M   |   UofMaryland   |   UofIllinois1   |   UofIllinois2:Veggies   |   UofFlorida   |   Cornell
NGA   |   AHS   |   US National Arboretum   |   BGCI US

Seeds, Plants, & Supplies
Burpee   |   Gurney’s   |   Henry Field’s   |   Jung Seed   |   Spring Hill Nursery   |   Johnny’s   |   Gardener’s Supply
Richters   |   Eden Brothers   |   Park Seed   |   Success With Seed   |   Seedman   |   Tulip World   |   Jackson & Perkins
Territorial Seed Co.   |   Seeds Now   |   Mountain Rose Herbs   |   Garden Delights   |   Online Nursery

Other Resources
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map   |   OFA Garden Planner   |   USDA State Plant Search   |   Growing Calendar
How to Get Free Seeds   |   Tree Nursery Co.
NWF Gardening for Wildlife   |   No-Dig Gardening

Gardening Blogs
Tiny Farm Blog   |   You Grow Girl   |   Digging   |   Chiot’s Run   |   Gardening Gone Wild   |   Growing With Plants   |   Urban Turnip
The Horticult   |   Skippy’s Vegetable Garden   |   Mustard Plaster   |   The Small Town Gardener   |   Urban Organic Gardener
AZ Plant Lady   |   The Enduring Gardener   |   Eden Makers   |   Dirt Therapy   |   Nigel Gnome   |   Vegetable Gardener
The Occasional Gardener   |   Growing Ideas Blog   |   Organic Life

YouTube Channels
Learn How to Garden   |   Growing Your Greens   |   The Kitchen Community   |   One Yard Revolution
MI Gardener   |   The Rusted Garden   |   Grow Veg   |   California Gardening Huw’s Nursery   |   BH&G
Burpee Gardens   |   Richters Herbs   |   Bubble Beet   |   Grow Organic   |   Grow Your Heirlooms

Heirloom Seeds & Etc.
Seed Savers Exchange   |   Baker Creek   |   Bifurcated Carrots   |   Diane’s Seeds   |   Annie’s   |   Heirloom Seeds

Houseplants & Miniature Gardening
Plants are the Strangest People   |   Midwest Living   |   HGTV   |   BH&G   |   Gardenista
Miniature Gardening   |   Miniature Garden Center   |   Miniature Garden Shop   |   Inspiration   |   Lowe’s   |   35 Best Indoor Plants


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