Not the highest, but the largest waterfall system in the world!

Iguazu Falls is in the lower half of South America, along the southern edge of Brazil near where it meets both Argentina and Paraguay.

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The Iguazu River flows mostly west-southwest from near the Atlantic coast of Brazil south of São Paulo, down to its impressive 1.7 mile wide plunge into Argentina — Iguazu Falls. Not one continuous waterfall but up to 300 separate smaller ones, this whole waterfall system dumps an average of over sixty thousand cubic feet per second of water. For comparison, Niagara Falls between the US and Canada has only 3 falls, but dumps some eighty-five thousand cubic feet per second, average. The longest of the falls at Niagara — still held to be extremely wide — is less than one-third the length of Iguazu, and the more narrow part that is visited by most Americans is only about one-ninth as wide as Iguazu. Truly this is one of the top marvels of the natural world!

Here is a map of the area, the Google Earth pic, and several photos uploaded to Pixabay:

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Although most of Iguazu river is in Brazil, most of Iguazu Falls is in Argentina. Both sides have their own attractions and websites. A great place to start is the Argentine site for the Parque National Iguazu, shown below.

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