Have you yet discovered these cute whimsical illustrations by Susie Ghahremani? Her art keeps me writing-happy since I purchased her Treetops Journal from my local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Each page of the little 5 x 7 inch journal is fun to write on, as 5 illustrated 2-page spreads alternate:

  • whimsical tree in the middle with hand-drawn lines to either side
  • owls in the corners with a loose hand-drawn grid to write on
  • whimsical trees on the bottom with polka dots to write over
  • tree to the left, birds in vines at the top, and hand-drawn lines
  • trees, birds, and sky on top, dotted handwriting-style lines below

Words cannot adequately describe the cuteness inspiration of this little Treetops Journal by Susie Ghahremani, but here is a picture of the cover art, and one other illustration by Susie — one that appears on her site BoyGirlParty.com and that was featured in an article on pet loss in a St. Louis magazine:

Susie’s illustrations have won many awards and appear in several formats — even jewelry! She has her own shop on her site, BoyGirlParty.com.

As much as I adore whimsical stationery, I’d love one of her weekly planners — or the other journal: Forest Animals! There’s even a little To Do list that I’d like to add to my collection…

Here’s a sneak peek of Susie’s products — you can see them all in her online store:

whimsical illustrations products stationery jewelry by susie ghahremani boygirlparty.com[click to view larger]

I have no affiliation with Susie Ghahremani and receive no compensation for this post or links to her site — I just enjoy her work and wanted to share it with you.

However, I AM affiliated with Amazon.com and do receive a tiny commission for anything you purchase through the links into Amazon.com above and below. THANKS for your support, it encourages me! :O>