Worldwide Nature Networking!

Have you ever looked up information on a plant or animal on the internet?
Have you ever taken pictures of an animal or a plant, and wondered about its name and details of its life?

iNaturalist is a worldwide network of nature-lovers from the curious kid with his cellphone camera, to the most distinguished biological experts in the field! Here you can upload your pictures and have them identified, you can create your own collections, and you can connect with other nature lovers in your area or around the world.


You can visit the iNaturalist website to learn about individual species, or browse entire groups. You can see what’s recently been observed in your area, or see a list of birds observed in your favorite park — even one across the world! There are six main sections of the iNaturalist website: Observations, Species, Projects, Places, Guides, and People. I encourage you to explore them all!


Here are just a few screenshots from the iNaturalist website — click to view larger:


To upload your own pictures, it is best to get the app for your phone. This way, the location and time will automatically be part of the file and you won’t have to type those in manually. In fact, you can even get immediate feedback on what species your picture might be… and verifications from other users over the following days! However, you can also sign up on the website (you can log in through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google, Yahoo, or Sound Cloud) and even do your uploading from your PC if that is your preference. As I have not gone this route, I do not know how the process differs.

Have fun exploring and using iNaturalist!
See what I have posted myself on iNaturalist!


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