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Whether you are a math teacher or a math learner, you can appreciate James Tanton‘s unique, lighthearted approach to math. This native Australian is currently working with the Mathematical Association of America in Washington DC, but also runs the G’Day Math website and has done two Great Courses for adult learners. His teaching style is fun and interactive, enthusiastic and engaging. He uses visuals to show the WHY behind the formulas we use, and even presents their history in an interesting way!

Meet James Tanton, through his own words:

james tanton aussie math teacher bio biography about author mathematical association of america


For teachers and students, check out James Tanton’s G’Day Math website:

g'day math james tanton mathematics made easy explore website fun courses


And if you are an adult wanting a second chance at understanding and appreciating math, check out these two Great Courses:

great courses plus james tanton geometry matematical visualization professor

This is how I found out about James Tanton. I wanted to become more familiar with geometry, both to inform my understanding of the natural structure of animals and plants, and to use in my art! I found James Tanton to be an engaging and informative professor who held my interest, and made me want to come back and watch the NEXT lecture in the series! Thanks, James! 😀


G’Day Math website
James Tanton’s website
James Tanton on Twitter
James Tanton on YouTube


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