She is often called “Mother Monster, but she’s so artistic and unique, that I personally find it difficult to refer to her by any name that does not include the word CREATIVE, lol.

Lady Gaga tribute real genuine integrity creativity energy fun

NO, I do NOT agree with everything she is into or that she supports or promotes.
However, I firmly believe that anyone who cannot appreciate the bold creativity of Lady Gaga must be the type of person who takes themself and their own beliefs far, far too seriously. At the very least, we can all appreciate her energy and her unwavering integrity — she is REAL. I find that to be a rare and priceless character trait in today’s world. 😛


Lady Gaga the ATHLETE: 😯
(control of body, mind, and breath!)


WARNING: The following compilation, while a wonderful representation of the energizing dance beats (MUCH appreciated!) and broad creativity of Lady Gaga, is also quite sexually explicit and will definitely be offensive to the more uptight members of society. My bad. (for those of us not so easily offended, it can serve as an excellent audio background for a dance workout, lol)


And a few more little surprises… 😉




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