Soil-building partnership of fungus plus a friend!

I have always enjoyed lichen. It is not a moss or a fungus or an algae or even a liverwort. It is a unique symbiotic partnership between a fungus and either a bacteria or an algae. Each type of lichen has its own distinct appearance, even between two types that have one partner in common — the same fungus with a different partner, for example.
Check out some of the stunning variety of forms that lichen can take:
[click to view larger]

I am preparing for life on the road (long story!) and my husband and I want to somewhat document the things we see and lessons we learn, as we travel. For this purpose, I am devoting myself to learning as much as I can about video production as well as capturing images using a variety of techniques and equipment. Yesterday (March 6, 2017) I tested out a cheap little microscope camera. At first I had captured a tiny spider mite that I planned to record, but it got away. So I went onto my porch and grabbed a tiny chunk of bark off a log that had some lichen growing on it. I was amazed at the beautiful intricacy of what I saw under magnification! How encouraging! Thank you, humble lichen!! 😀

So without further ado, here’s my FIRST video EVER!

But to be fair, here’s a few much better videos on lichen:





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