You’re gonna LOVE these unique cross stitch kits!

I was introduced to cross stitching when I was a pregnant teenager, by a big-hearted, crafty woman who had adopted me into her “shepherding home” as an “alternative to abortion” (that’s how the agency that arranged it defined themselves).
Of course, the design I chose first was a birth announcement! I can still see it clearly in my mind’s eye, even though my distracted teenage self soon lost track of that project, and started another, lol. I was absolutely certain I was having a boy, even without confirmation from doctors, so I had boldly chosen blues for the big happy bear holding up his building block full of my son’s birth details: name, date, weight. (Yes, I DID have a boy — and after getting married had two more, and then a girl!)

Over the years, I have started many more cross stitch projects, and have even completed a few! LOL 😛

I bet most cross stitch lovers will agree with me, that THESE kits trigger that “Oh! I want THAT one!” button, threatening to steal the spotlight from all our current WIPs:

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Sara Abdelmageed is the owner of Little Beach Hut on Etsy. She is responsible for making your heart melt upon seeing those adorable cross stitch designs above. Visit her Etsy shop to see even more!

Of course, what also makes Sara’s kits so wonderful — besides their sweetness — is the way she packages them. You can see what you get with each order — all those wonderful finishing touches that make you want to buy one for each of your cross stitching friends, and then perhaps spoil yourself with one as well!

You can also get Sara’s designs as digital patterns for under $5 USD each!

Sara is in southern England, so her kits may take just a little bit longer to arrive in the USA than what is in stock on Amazon (or in your local craft store). However, I must say that the most unique and special kits I have ever owned, I myself ordered from the UK. After all, nearby France is home to DMC — you know, as in DMC floss?! Some of my all-time favorite cross stitch kits were DMC kits that I ordered from the UK, mostly from Sew and So. Of course, you can find the most special kits like Sara’s only on Etsy! 😀

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— I have no affiliation with Sara or with Little Beach Hut — I just enjoy encouraging other artists and sharing awesome resources — 😀



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