Messianic Jewish homeschool adventures, along with special needs and beekeeping!

Renee and her husband of 25+ years had a ministry of fostering children while their parents went through rehab, but then God surprised them with a double-whammy: first, an adopted daughter with special needs, then a son of their own!

The Little Homeschool on the Prairie exists in a small town in Kansas, and on the web at The site features information on Homeschooling, special needs, beekeeping, and everyday family life. There is a strong Christian emphasis, and reviews of potential homeschool materials are provided in that context. Renee also offers a selection of her own free printable materials.

Here are some screenshots from Little Homeschool on the Prairie:
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Some of my favorite pages on this friendly Christian homeschooling blog are:

I hope you will pay Renee and her family a visit, and explore the rest of the interesting sections and blog posts on Little Homeschool on the Prairie!


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