Making art glow in the dark is actually rather simple and can be done by purchasing one or more of the high quality acrylic paints or inks which I describe on my site, No Wrong Art.

glow in the dark forest painting acrylic unique tutorials mixed media crosses art

Here I’ve used it to make a glowing moon, flowers, and animals, and to highlight the background of a cross.
You can see the step-by-step slideshow and find out what materials I used in the post on this piece, Glow Forest.


unique glow-in-the-dark acrylic paintings animals forest trees night light glowing how to mixed media techniques

These have their own posts and slideshows:
Glow PEACE and Glow JOY :O>


You can also use the glow-in-the-dark paint or ink to highlight the outlines of letters (here, Chinese characters) or other figures, like the cross below.

nu ren woman women mothers daughters acrylic painting textured glow in the dark


cross art glows in the dark outline acrylic paint mediums ink

These also have their own posts and slideshows:
Nǚ rén (woman) and Fire Glow Cross


You can also make your own acrylic skins that glow in the dark! That way, you can cut out shapes or letters, or add a semi-transparent glowing layer over parts of your artwork. I explain how to do this in “Making Acrylic Skins“.

acrylic skin glow-in-the-dark glowing make your own diy painting techniques tutorials materials crafts mixed media


Check back on the No Wrong Art website once in a while, as I continue to add more step-by-step slideshows using more materials and techniques!



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