Of all wildlife guides, this one explains species interactions BEST!

For about three decades now, I have had a fascination with nature books. I currently own close to one hundred volumes, ranging from small $5 field guides, through $60+ photographic masterpieces. Each book in my nature library has something special about it. Mammals of Borneo by the Phillipps is currently my all-time favorite, due to its extremely unique ecological perspective.

While most nature books tell you all about different species of plants or animals, only Mammals of Borneo is sprinkled from front to back with insights into the interactions between various species (and their environment). And this is in addition to the sections in the front of the book devoted entirely to the ecology of Borneo.

Where IS Borneo? It is a very large island off the coast of Southeast Asia:

Why am I fascinated with Borneo?
Actually, I’m not. It is a very fascinating place, to be sure, but it is this BOOK and it’s super-rare explanation of the interactions between species that draws me, more than any landscape or habitat type. In fact, the book covers several types of habitat, including man-made plantations.

Take a peek inside:

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Now, I am NO expert on ecology, but I can tell you from experience that this type of in-depth explanation of the relationships that exist between species is indeed rare among books that are commonly made available to the public. I will let the pictures in the slideshow speak for themselves. And just in case you have trouble viewing the slideshow, I will post those pics below, and you can click one to see them larger. Enjoy! 😀


Wow! I may be revealing my true nature-geekiness by saying this, but I SURE wish there was a book like this to cover EVERY corner of the globe!! 😉
Alas, I have spent many an idle hour scouring Amazon for just such a series, but sadly, none exist (yet). 😥


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