Meißendorf Lakes and Bannetze Moor in northern Germany is a series of ponds, lakes, and other wetland habitats set aside as an important nature reserve.

This national reserve was originally a network of fish-farming ponds, but today includes over two thousand acres of varied wetland habitat that is home to many endangered species of both plants and animals. One example is the Myrica gale, which grows along the banks of many ponds in this area. It has a history of interesting uses, from an insect repellent and condiment, to traditional use in perfumes and Royal Wedding bouquets.

Meißendorf Lakes and Bannetze Moor is also home to the shy European otter, along with protected amphibians and reptiles and over one hundred species of birds that make this their summer home in which to breed and raise their offspring. Of course, with all these lakes, a variety of fish species can also be found here.

An almost three mile long path encircles one particular lake, allowing bird watchers to catch glimpses of ospreys, terns, storks, swans, and a hundred others. Some might even get lucky and spot a great crested newt or one of those European otters that are rare in Germany.

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