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It’s hard to say what age group this FREE online game was designed for. My best guess is the “brainy” version of an 8-year-old. Especially ones that like big words and fancy facts. Oh, and who are persistent and competitive. That would help.

If you know of anyone who fits the above description and who LOVES animals, you may have a hard time getting them to quit playing this little learning game — AND to stop saying, “Did you know…?!” LOL

Mission Adaptation is hosted by Planet Science, which for some reason divides their online resources into those designed for:

No telling where a kid who is exactly 11 is supposed to go — perhaps they can visit BOTH the first categories, lol. :O>


Planet Science is a fun site to explore, for any age. It features comics, infographics, experiments, and various articles. It even lets you customize your background while you browse! There is also a whole section of the site devoted to weather.

Right now it appears that Mission Adaptation is the only game available on the Planet Science website — but it is one that can be played over and over, gradually mastering each level (with each featuring different habitats). You can even try to get on the list of top scores — or beat your own high score.

To play Mission Adaptation, try to “capture” each animal with the camera, then quickly choose which adaptation fits that particular animal. Be careful NOT to capture animals that are not native to that habitat, and watch out for some tricky ones — in the selection of screenshots below, you will see that at times the multiple choices provided can make it hard for even a nature-loving adult to choose. Also, some of the informational tidbits which appear AFTER you choose the correct answer can be a bit much for an “under 11” to absorb. Still, a competitive child with today’s inherent patience with technology can learn QUITE a lot about animal adaptations through this game. Be prepared to hear: “Did you know…?!” 😛


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[By the way, that last one is one of my all-time favorite nature books — and I own dozens!]


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