This feisty little insectivore will eat seeds — or pet food!! 😛

That’s right! The first experience I had with these little guys was the solution of a mystery: HOW was the dog food so rapidly disappearing each night?!
Haha, I caught the little thief in a photo: a short-tailed shrew, Blarina brevicauda.


Gilles Gonthier on Flickr was much better at capturing pics of these little sneaky shrews — using seeds and peanuts. All three pics on this post are by this innovative photographer. Click his link above to see MANY more! 😀


Of course, most shrews don’t eat seeds or pet food. They eat insects, mostly. However, they also enjoy earthworms and even small mammals such as mice. Since shrews have to eat almost constantly throughout the day to sustain their extremely high metabolism, they pretty much eat whatever they can find. And they are one of the rare mammals with VENOM — not really poisonous to something as big as us, but a bite from one of these little ones WILL swell up and ache for days, nonetheless. 😮


More on this species:
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