The majority of consumers now look to social media and other online resources to locate products and services — particularly travel destinations.

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This winter (2018-19) I am promoting Back Acre RV Park in Garner, TX. I plan to head north in May, but have not yet chosen a specific location.
Before I started the Back Acre project on January 11, 2019, there were two versions of a video (from 2010) and 3 photos of the park online, with no working website and no social media outside of the default locational Facebook page. This business was nearly a ghost online, with only a handful of mixed reviews to guide potential visitors. Since that date, over 150 new photos, maps, and videos have been released and promoted, each showing the beautiful natural setting of this backcountry RV park.

If you want to know more about the park itself, click this logo redesigned by Fran for the park:


If you are the owner of an RV park or something you think Fran may be interested in promoting, please read on!


    Available Services

  • Branding: logo design or redesign to create scalable vectors (no distortion or pixelation!) to be used on photos and other promotional material; brand color palettes and typography; recognizable brand elements across all social media and printables
  • Website design, hosting, and/or maintenance
  • Content creation & promotion: photos, maps, videos, and text — even various interactives depending upon the project — for your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest board, and Instagram account. And if you don’t have these, we can create them!
  • Projects can vary in timeframe and complexity, from small short term projects to simply update your online content, to major ongoing projects throughout the year. Content can be created either during a single visit or during a longer term stay, and can be released simultaneously or via a slow trickle over many weeks or months to continue to engage your audience.
  • Special long distance projects can be arranged for various types of businesses, time permitting. Contact Fran to discuss your project.
  • My husband has been an independent contractor and fine craftsman for most of his life and is sometimes willing to take on projects — visit Troy’s page if interested.


    Requirements and Preferences

  • We are considering leaving our camper in Texas, so temporarily using one of your existing RVs or cabins is a possibility, for the convenience of all. We do not have pets nor children.
  • Due to the nature of the work, a good wifi signal is essential — at least by using my booster antenna.
  • Preference is given to God-fearing but easygoing mature adults, in the North during the months of May to September and in the South during October to April.
  • Depending on the scope and duration of the project, payment could possibly be mostly a trade of resources with little cash payment.


Samples of work done for Back Acre RV Park:

[click a pic to view larger]


More visuals and promotional examples by Fran:


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