Fill your “pack” with dogs you want to follow!

If you like dogs, you will love Pack Dog!

The first time you visit Pack Dog, you will be asked a few questions to get started:
Do you have a dog? Yes… (Great! You will be able to give each pet their own page here!)
No? Okay, no dog… But you love dogs, right? “Phew. That could have gotten weird.”
[LOL, animal-lover people have such a great sense of humor!] 😛

Next, you will be presented with a series of 3 groups of 4 pics each — just choose your favorite pic from each group.
This is in order to set up your “Pack” — your “Home” on Pack Dog, which you will later be able to customize with your favorite breeds, favorite individual dogs, and even “editor’s picks” photos. (Your original choices do not affect anything, they are just a starting place.)

But first, set up an “account” (they do NOT ask for personal info)…

You can sign in with Facebook or with your email.
Don’t worry – you can choose whether you receive email notifications, or have them turned off. Simply click on “Settings” at the bottom of the page or in the menu by your name, up there at the top right corner after you’ve signed in.

After signing in, your “Pack Home” will look something like the screenshot above.
Click “Home Settings” at the top left to select what you will see on this page — specific breeds, dogs you follow, and/or “editor’s picks”.
Click the little house-shaped icon in the top right to return to this personalized Home Page at any time.

So, without further introduction, here are a bunch of screenshots from Pack Dog… click any pic to view them in a larger format.

Just like other social media sites, on Pack Dog you can share your pics and stories, connect with friends, make new friends, send messages… but here, the focus is on the dogs, not their people.
Visit Pack Dog any time of the day or night for a bit of canine cheer — or share your most recent photo of your dog and her silly antics, his beauty, or their brave deeds. 😀


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