PBS has made a 5-part series entitled First Peoples style=. Each of the episodes explores the experience and influence of the ancient humans on a particular continent. Did modern humans really conquer the other groups, or did they interbreed with other human species?

Here are some screenshots across the series, to give you a quick glimpse:


While this series does focus entirely on an evolutionary perspective, it sheds new light into the interesting genetics of particular peoples, as well as on humankind in general. Fossil discoveries are interesting enough, but much of the basis for this series is found in DNA, claiming that, for example, 1 to 3 percent of our DNA is Neatherthal in origin.

This series is quite entertaining and the episodes can be watched individually or in any order — it will still make sense. Many likeable modern scientists are featured, sharing their expertise and insights.

For entertainment and glimpses into modern genetics, more than for actual “facts”, I recommend First Peoples style=.