How well do you know your Roman Numerals?

Which is higher, CMXC or MMCL? How about MCIV and MLXX?

roman numerals fun math printable game for kids

If you would like to brush up on your roman numeral reading skills — or if your children could use a little extra practice — pick up this printable card game, ROMAN WAR, for only $1.95 USD at TeachersPayTeachers.

printable math games roman numerals kids fun stuff play homeschool families

The game is played just like traditional WAR, except you must first decipher the roman numerals before comparing their value.

The printable game is in easy-to-print, advertising-free PDF format.
It also includes a coordinating poster as well as simpler, easier cards for the younger set to practice with.

printable poster roman numerals soldiers fun stuff for kids homeschool
roman numerals math game soldiers

This makes a great game for the whole family — whether you homeschool or not! How well does grandma remember her roman numerals? 😀

Want to know more about Roman Warfare? Click the pic:


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