Jesilyn Peterson has a unique approach to art — wouldn’t you agree?

seed blossoms art amazing mosaic pieces with natural products

What a refreshing site with its collection of nature art all made using seeds — like those below.

vegetable seeds families groups collection wild art nature

Not only does Jesilyn create fun jewelry and mandalas using seeds, but she also makes fun little critters, like these:

fun critters animals made from seeds art unique

Visit Jesilyn’s site, Seed Blossoms Art, for a delightful browse through her garden of art! You can also visit and Like her Facebook Page by the same name.
What a fun artist, an inspiration to us all to do what we love, using materials that speak to us. Thanks, Jesilyn! 😀

This post is based on merit only and the author receives no recompense. This information is shared with the sole intention that you may enjoy this artist’s work yourself! 😀