Can you believe this scene is indoors — and in Germany?

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Below is a picture of the world’s largest freestanding hall. It is roughly 40 miles south of Berlin, Germany and was designed to hold a huge airship — one that was never built.

germany hangar worlds largest freestanding hall berlin brandenburg tropical islands resort vacation

Now, does THAT look like a Tropical Island Resort?
Well, inside, it looks like this…

tropical islands resort germany hangar vacation paradise

Opened in 2004, the Tropical Islands Resort can entertain up to six thousand people per day and is open 24 hours, 365 days per year. It has indoor accomodations, several types of beaches and pools, waterfalls, and even water slides, plus a variety of places to sit and relax, or to let the kids have some fun. There are a variety of food and drink venues, which are paid for all at once when you leave the resort — thanks to microchip bracelets that can store your bill. There are also close to 7000 lockers, so day visitors can leave their belongings behind and hit the water carefree!

Check it out!

I actually came across this place in a children’s magazine, “Science World”.
I have no affiliation with this resort (or the magazine) — I just think it’s a cool place to share! 😀