“Empowering and healing through art”


The Awakenings Project strives to “assist artists with psychiatric illnesses in developing their craft and finding an outlet for their creative abilities through art in all forms.”
What an awesome endeavor and a unique application of art therapy goals and ideals! 😀

Awakenings encompasses a variety of projects such as Awakenings Fine Arts, The Awakenings Review, Awakenings Music, Awakenings Drama, and The Awakenings Art Show. They also maintain an active art studio in Elgin, Illinois — northwest of Chicago. Guests and observers are welcome during open studio times, posted in the lefthand sidebar of the Events page on the Awakenings website. More information about the studio is also available on the Visual Arts page.

Besides visual arts projects, Awakenings also hosts writer’s workshops at the Elgin, Illinois studio. You can also find information on various music and drama projects on the Awakenings website, and see a helpful list of resources and support groups. A separate page breaks down resources into those designed for visual artists, literary artists, and musicians.

— I am not affiliated with this organization or its website and have received no compensation for this post — I just sincerely enjoy spreading the word about awesome projects and helpful resources! —



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