The BEST Video Courses for Lifelong Learners!

Beyond my loved ones and my health, I’d have to say that the thing in this life that I am most grateful for is The Great Courses.
Each course is actually a series of six to sixty (average 24) approximately half-hour episodes or “lectures” — but don’t let that label fool you — this is pure entertainment for any lifelong learner!

I first discovered The Great Courses in audio format at my local library, and quickly found many of these on However, when I found that offers almost one hundred Great Courses for less than ten dollars a month, I was THRILLED!! New courses are released every single month, and they are FANTASTIC, with special effects and demonstrations, and the most entertaining professors you could ever wish for. Take a peek at the courses offered through the Amazon subscription (and click a pic to see MORE!):

Through the Amazon Great Courses Subscription you really CAN learn whole new subjects for less than $10/month! I have personally dedicated myself to watching at least 2 “lectures” (about 1 hour) every day. In fact, I use these as my “down time” to relax after a day of work, or to break up the middle of the work day. This helps me BALANCE input and output (learning = putting IN or filling UP and work/creating = producing or putting OUT). When I watch health and wellness topics such as mindfulness and healthy eating, these “breaks” help me learn even more balance and stress reduction techniques! 😀


There is also a Great Courses website that sells both audio and video courses, as well as a Great Courses Plus subscription site — which actually has MANY more courses than what is offered on Amazon (hence the higher cost per month).

— I am not affiliated with The Great Courses and have received no compensation for this post — I just sincerely enjoy spreading the word about awesome projects and helpful resources! —



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