This silly romantic comedy was my favorite movie when it came out back in 1982. I remember dreaming that one day I would OWN the movie, and be able to watch it any time I wanted — something pretty much unheard of back then. Haha, we still had eight-track tapes, cassettes, and vinyl records. Atari was the elite gaming system, and I was delighted a few years later to get a Commodore 64 computer.

Sadly, this movie just finally made it onto DVD a couple years ago, and is not yet available as streaming media on either Netflix or Amazon.

The Pirate Movie style= is a musical spoof-type remake of the famous play “Pirates of Penzance”. It made me laugh when I was 11, and it still makes me smile and chuckle today.

Here is a collection of scenes from the movie. Sorry about the quality — most are screenshots from the low-quality YouTube video.


There are two plots or timelines in this story. First, there is a geeky girl named Mabel who falls for a hot pirate imitator, then falls off her boat trying to catch up with him. As she lay on the beach, having washed up on shore, she dreams the other story. In that plotline, Mabel is the youngest daughter of a “Modern Major General” and her pirate boyfriend is the adopted son and apprentice to “The Pirate King”. But alas, her dear Frederic was born on a leap day and is basically enslaved to the pirates for life, until his 21st birthday — when he is actually 84 years old! The pirates are planning to attack the castle and make off with Mabel and all her sisters (and all the loot), but Mabel rallies the local police force to help.

In this movie, everyone is a singer and everyone is just flat-out silly! While there are hints of serious moments, and a bit of mushy romance, those moments quickly evaporate into humor — a perfectly lighthearted adventure! 😀

Kristy McNichol plays Mabel
Christopher Atkins plays Frederic

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