Decorate a journal and make it YOURS!

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There was a study done about 100 years ago, trying to find out what factors contributed to the world’s most brilliant minds — geniuses such as Bach, Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, and Thomas Jefferson. It was found that they all had one thing in common: They all recorded their thoughts, feelings, and ideas on paper. Not all of them sketched out elaborate plans (like da Vinci), nor did they focus on one particular topic — but they all did their thinking and feeling and planning on paper. The researchers were convinced that we, too, may be able to enhance our own genius simply by taking the time to record what crosses the stage of our own unique mind.


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Writing Prompt
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Think about thinking on paper. If you were to record your mind’s motions, what would it look like? Would you whine incessantly, compose brilliantly — or somewhere in between? Would the pages be filled with sketches of people and their odd expressions, or pieces of their dialogue? Would they be scattered with lines of poetry or interesting phrases or puzzle-like pieces of patent ideas? Would it be more like endless To Do lists and worries?

No matter what fills your mind, it IS valuable and recordable. Just writing down your worries puts them better into perspective. Recording tiny pieces of ideas can reveal patterns and eventually produce something amazing. And recording snippets of conversation can shed light on relationships and the people engaged in them.
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Art Prompt
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Here is a prompt to motivate yourself to think on paper more often! Pick up a small, cheap notebook, and design a cover for it. Do something as simple as gluing on a magazine picture — or as elaborate as sewing a fabric cover. The pictures show two examples, one more lovely or romantic, the other more whimsical. Have fun and make it YOURS — to fill with ideas that could only come from your own wonderful brain!
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Padded fabric journal cover decorated with 3D stickers. Lovely and inviting for the romantic heart.


Making a simple cover from materials on hand — craft foam, foam letters, and colorful stickers.
Even a novice stitcher can construct a simple cover like this — and the whimsical look encourages fun thoughts, and taking them lightly. 😀

This would make a great craft project to do with the kids!



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