Do you have a heart for gentle, needy, elderly dogs?

The creator of this heartwarming site rescued a sheltie who was guesstimated to be 11 years old. Bentley responded to all the love and care and lived another six and a half years with his new family. He became the inspiration for the Top Dog Foundation which now helps countless other elderly dogs who are labeled “too old” and “un-adoptable”. Some live out their lives in comfort at the foundation’s Sanctuary, while others are provided with necessary medical care and/or matched with new forever homes. All are respected and loved. All “make the transition from this life” “in the arms of someone who loves them.”



Find out more about this awesome pet-loving organization:

Main website
Bentley’s Story
Link to video

The above site exploration is presented based on merit only. It is an organization that I support through Facebook likes and shares, and to which I personally intend to donate to myself. However, I am in no way affiliated with the Top Dog Foundation and receive no compensation for this post. The ads below are my affiliates and these are sponsors which help support this site.